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Há coisas na vida que são mesmo amor à primeira vista e quando é assim não há como fugir! Assim que a Bond Girl partilhou o trabalho da Chelsea eu fiquei completamente maravilhada! Adorei tanto mas tanto, que seguiram-se poucas horas até enviar um email à Chelsea a perguntar se gostaria de dar uma entrevista aqui para o blog...e ela aceitou com a maior das simpatias, o que me deixou ainda mais feliz! Sou da opinião que devemos partilhar aquilo de que realmente gostamos, independentemente que seja dentro da área em que trabalhamos, afinal cada estilo é único e todos os nós merecemos reconhecimento naquilo que fazemos. Como sabem o meu objectivo enquanto fotografa seria trabalhar em todo o conceito que envolve a beleza feminina, é o que mais me apaixona e o que me deixa com borboletas na barriga de entusiasmo! A beleza feminina tem de facto muito que se lhe diga, todo um mistério, sensualidade e delicadeza. 

O trabalho da Chelsea é sem dúvida uma fonte de inspiração, pois é exactamente o estilo que gosto, leve e descontraído, sem aquele peso que às vezes certos editoriais que vejo me transmitem.

Curiosas para conhecer esta talentosa fotografa? Deixo-vos com a entrevista.

There are certain things in life similiar to love at first sight, and when that happens there is no turning back! As soon as Bond Girl shared Chelsea's work I was completely amazed! I loved it so much that only took me a few hours to email her asking if she would like to give an interview for my blog... And she accepted very kindly, making me super happy! I have an opinion that we should share what we really like, regardless of our working area, every style is unique and we deserve acknowledgment for what we do. As you know, my goal as photographer would be to work interly on the concept that involves feminine beauty, it's what I love the most and gives me butterflies in my stomach! Feminine beauty is a pure mixture of mistery, sensuality and delicacy.

Chelsea's work is without a doubt a huge inspiration, she has the exact style that I like, gentle and laid-back, without that "weight" that certain editorials give.

Ready to meet this talented photographer? I'll leave you with the interview.

Tell us a bit about you. Where do you come from and why did you start shooting photography?
I grew up in the beautiful wine state of Australia, Adelaide. I actually started out in the industry as a make up artist. The more time I spent working with photographers and models the more I learnt about lighting, movement and direction. I enjoyed observing the interaction between the model and photographer. I loved the intimacy and the magic of creating a beautiful picture.
Where are you right now and what are you doing today?
I am living in Northern California, just outside San Francisco, on a boat dock. I live in a little cottage with my husband, 2 french bulldogs, a cat and a tortoise. 
At moment I am busy working with mostly kids, and in my spare time I like to play with clay.
What is the most fascinating thing about the photography world?
There are no boundaries.

What makes you love fashion photography in a wild & free way?
I love being constantly inspired by other creatives and the beauty that surrounds us, knowing anything is possible is freeing. Embracing your imagination and doing what you love, there is nothing more freeing than doing what you love.
Tell us what is so special about women beauty that makes you love shooting them.
Their Sensuality, and vulnerability.
Is photography your main job?
Sure is!
What is your biggest dream?
My husband, he came true :)

What camera and lenses do you use?
I use a Canon 5D mark 2, with a 24-105mm lens.
Describe your photography in one word.
Hmm that's a hard one, I feel as though I would describe my kids work differently to my models. If I could describe my work with my models, I would say sensual. And I would describe my kids work as vibrant.

What tips do you have for aspiring photographers?
Always have an open mind.
Thank you so much Chelsea :)
You can visit her facebook page too!
Much love,


  1. Gostei muito! Não conhecia o trabalho da Chelsea, mas fiquei curiosa! :)

  2. Obrigada por partilhares... é realmente magnifico o trabalho dela.

  3. Excelente trabalho, sem duvida :)

  4. Que máximo. É fantástico o trabalho da Chelsea. Andámos imenso tempo a combinar uma sessão fotográfica e no dia choveu a potes em São Francisco.


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