Thank you Ericeira


2015, what a great start we had! Surrounded by the sea, with a warm feeling and beautiful light that makes me feel re-energized! We spent a few days in Ericeira in a cosy house by the sea. It was a quite neighborhood, we loved it and will be back for sure. I feel so blessed when I have the opportunity to see a sunset, due to my profession as pharmacist I rarely can do it. So during these days in Ericeira, I made sure to see the sunset every single day.


  1. Mas que fotos lindas, que por do sol fantastico! tenho saudade dessa vista :)

  2. A Ericeira é minha vizinha! :) Bonitas fotos, com uma luz natural fantástica, assim como o por-do-sol!

  3. que bonitas fotografias, captas-te mesmo o sítio


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