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 Hey lovelies! I´m back this week with a new project! I´ve been curious about shooting indoors in a relax & home sweet home mood. Is this description confusing? I mean, I want you to be truly you in your comfort space, the place we call and feel like home. Our home should a be the place we most love. We also like to travel and go somewhere else even to have a coffee or breath of fresh air but there is no place like home, where we have our things, where our couch knows our body, where we can have our favorite tea and be barefoot. Isn´t it amazing? I want to shoot you exactly like this. I don´t want the perfect outfit or lipstick I want you to relax and enjoy your place. We can make coffee, grab your favorite book or journal and listen to your music. Go with the flow. As simple as that.

 I also don´t expect you to have the perfect beach home. I have a small house with one bedroom in the middle of nowhere (almost!) but I love it anyway.

Let´s make it happen? I would love! Email me at

Sei que hoje escrevi apenas em inglês, é mais fácil escrever apenas num idioma, no entanto, sem vergonhas, quem achar que faz falta escrever também em português é só dizer-me aqui nos comentários ou por email, como preferirem 💕 

I hope you loved today´s post! 

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