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hello lovely friends! how is your week going? mine is going well, and just today i have this little time to write to you, between work, zig João & my friends sometimes it is not easy. but today we have a special post, an amazing interview with a lovely & brilliant photographer, miss {twiggs} from {a lomo love affair}. i´m sure most of you know her work. This was her second shop with a completely different style but still has her unique touch.

Olá :) como tem corrido a vossa semana? a minha até tem corrido bem, apesar de ser difícil encontrar tempo livre com o trabalho, o zig, o joão e os amigos. Mas hoje esse tempinho surgiu! e hoje temos um post especial, com uma fantástica entrevista...uma adorável fotógrafa {twiggs} e a sua {a lomo love affair}. Tenho a certeza que muitos de vocês já conhecem o trabalho da twiggs. Esta foi a sua segunda loja, e ainda que tenha um estilo diferente, não deixa de ter a sua marca própria!

When did your passion about photography start?

hello sílvia, how are you? thank you so much for this lovely invitation, it is such an honor! well, my passion about photography began a few years ago, when I was spending Christmas in new york, and someone really important gave me my first point-and-shoot for Christmas present. I was in the perfect city to start shooting. and from then on, it didn’t stop… it became usual for me and my friends, that I always carried a camera with me! but when I think about my childhood, I can also remember me holding a film camera, given by the very same person, and taking pictures of the family together!

Why the name {a lomo love affair}?

I love different names, with love, romance or some attitude in the middle! I love lomo cameras… I got one on my first Christmas with Mr Twiggs. And it was such a love affair with it, because it became my best friend, though lomography may be a bit hard to explain to others! I had decided to create a tumblr account just to share my lomos… and though the first name was not this one, soon it hit me. it was a love affair!

What inspires you in your photography is:

 everything that surrounds me. this seems the most common answer photographers give, but everything does inspire us. the people that cross my path… the street life… flowers… gardens… Lisbon and the places I visit.

What do you most love shooting?

the small details! though I like to take pictures to beautiful landscapes, I only do it to try different things for myself. but soon after buying the new camera, I soon realized that I might be a macro lady! I love finding small things in the nature mostly. When I get asked what do I shoot, it’s always hard for me to answer… because my photography is made from what is in front of me, so life happening in front of me is what I shoot.

Define your photography in three words.

Romance & Delicateness meets a Happy Life! (technically these are way more than three words, I know!)

Finally, what advice would you give for someone new in photographyland?

 Explore, explore, explore, do not give up and make the best of what you have! And make it manually! I had a point-and-shoot camera for years, it was hard for me to see all those magnificent images taken with reflex professional cameras, but I had no choice (nor the money), so I had to learn everything to make my best! there is so much you can learn from others just by looking… and trying. and then, put yourself into some challenges and learn the challenges your camera faces, to avoid them! As they usually say, what makes an excellent photographer is not the camera… but the eyes! 

Isn´t this interview lovely? visit her shop {here}!

And if you want tou know more about twiggs, you have many places to visit: her {blog}, her {flickr}, her {twitter}, her {facebook}!

Obrigada Claúdia  e um beijinho!



  1. olá sílvia, muito obrigada pela entrevista e claro, pelo convite! adorei a tua selecção de imagens! um grande beijinho, claudia

  2. una entrevista estupenda. Me encanta este blog. Bss.

  3. Hola Silvia! Such lovely pics!! And you've got a wonderful blog!
    Greetings from Rome.


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