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Today I have a special guest, Kimberley. This girl rocks, as I said before! I´ve always admired her work and I love the fact we are almost the same age and have similar dreams in the photography world. Her photography style is so unique and inspiring that I cannot put in words what I feel when I see her work, and because all of this I decided to invite her to do a little interview for you! You must see how talented and special this girl is, through each word and image. Inspire yourself and most of all be happy!

Hoje tenho uma convidada muito especial, a Kimberley. Está miúda é mesmo o máximo, super talentosa. Desde sempre que acompanho e admiro o seu trabalho aliando ao facto de termos idades muito próximas  e os mesmos sonhos neste mundo da fotografia. O estilo da Kimberley é tão único e inspirador que não consigo traduzir em palavras o que sinto quando vejo as suas fotografias maravilhosas e por todas estas razões convidei-a para fazer esta entrevista para nós. Para quem ainda não conhece o seu trabalho está na hora de o conhecer e ver o quão especial ela é em cada palavra e fotografia. Inspirem-se e sejam felizes!
Tell us a bit about you. Where do you come from and why did you start shooting photography?
I am a twenty two year old photographer from Brisbane, Australia. I fell in love with photography when I was about 15 or so, on a family holiday. I loved documenting random little moments. From there, I discovered deviantart and began to play with symbolising emotions and telling stories though photos. I never studied art in high school, but for a long time wanted to be a ballerina. It seems self-expression through various art forms has always been a passion of mine!
Where are you right now and what are you doing today?
I have just come back from an afternoon in the park with my love, Aaron. It is a beautiful day here in Brisbane. It was lovely to have the time to sit in the sun and relax!

What is the most fascinating thing about the photography world?
Everything! I love the storytelling side of photography, but I also enjoy capturing a moment in time that would have otherwise go unnoticed. I find both fashion and portraiture quite fascinating. Seeing how other photographers apply themselves in these industries is also fascinating - and inspiring!

What makes you love fashion photography in a wild & free way?
In truth, I find the fashion industry to be quite superficial and fake. My goal is to change that. We need to embrace natural beauty (blemishes and all!). Of course, there will always be a place for polished, flawless images. But I want to show something much deeper than that with my work; something with emotion, that viewers can really connect to. My view and goal with fashion photography is also partly influenced by my stance on health and wellness as a whole - we’ve lost touch with what is important in life. Life is about being wild and free, this is why I aim to capture that in my photography.

Tell us about your project: photography & dancers.

As I mentioned before, I have danced for the majority of my life (at one point, leaving school to train full time). Dance has always been second nature to me. I studied dance at university, and it was here where I began photographing my peers. It is a whole lotof fun! I can take advantage of my dance knowledge when I am on a shoot, because I can work with the dancer to get a particular line or angle, or choreograph some steps for the dancer to perform when I’m after more candid shots. I’ve put dance photography on hold so I can focus on fashion, but I’d love to get back into it! It is a lot of fun!

Is photography your main job?
Unfortunately no! I currently work full time in retail (in a dance shop actually, selling dance shoes and clothing!). On my days off, I’m shooting or editing. It’s exhausting, but for the moment, I need to work full time, so that I can purchase the things I need to make photography my full time job. I live with my partner who is also studying, so I’m trying to keep us both afloat at the moment! So far I’ve been able to upgrade to a faster computer, purchase adobe creative cloud, and add an awesome lens to my kit! Now I’m working on getting my driver’s license so I can get to shoots on my own.
What is your biggest dream?
To make a living from doing what I love! Also to make a difference in the fashion world; to capture more moments that are honest and real.
What camera and lenses do you use?

I use a Canon 5D Mark II + 85mm 1.2L Lens.
What tips do you have for aspiring photographers?
Live without fear. I used to fear the unkown. I was scared and worried about something because I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do. For example, last year I graduated from a dance and education degree at university and I had the world of pressure on my shoulders to get a teaching job. But I’ve never wanted to teach. So rather than worrying and getting a job in education, I said no and I chose a different path. Sometimes you just have to give it a go - take a risk! You never know where it will take you! Follow your heart and the rest will sort itself out :)
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Thank you so much Kimberley!

Much love,


*All photographs by Kimerley Hill, all rights reserved.

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