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Hello, lovelies! This month I took a break on #fridaytips because J and I really needed some time to enjoy life and his holidays! I shoot two weddings during our holidays but besides that, I also had time to go to the beach and walk around with my love. It could be completely off but this is a special year because we´re getting married and we´ll be on vacation almost the whole September! We´re doing a road trip around Italy and I´m thinking about doing some shoots there, but only a few spots available because it is our honeymoon and we must enjoy it as it is supposed! I´ll talk about this issue next week, so stay tuned 😊

Let´s start our favorite Friday morning routine ❤

Signature Style System: I talked about this course here some weeks ago and I finally did it! I must let you know that I don´t buy workshops like crazy, in five years I only invest in two online workshops. The first one was more about technical issues and this one is about your soul, being yourself and letting go all the  "inspirations" that suffocate you. At this time of my life, I didn´t feel I need more information about how to shoot, the best poses or how to edit. I already know my style. I´m not saying that I know everything, but being an artist is about what you feel happy with, and there´s no success if you´re not being yourself or trying to be someone else´s just because he or she has success.
There is no right or wrong. No perfection at all. You need to know your camera better than you think, you need to improve every day, study technical issues because they will definitely help you to do your best with your vision or style. I loved this course and I ended up so much more confident about who I am and where I want to be. And most important, who my ideal client is. Yes, get ready because you´ll have so much work to do! I used to worry about followers, especially on my Instagram account, I really got mad because they´re always changing like I gain 10 and then loose 3, BUT now I know that this isn´t the most important. I speak from my heart, I share what I most love like I´m talking to my ideal client and this freedom makes me feel much more relaxed. I still have work to do on my site and my daily routines, but I´ve learned so many things about myself with this course that I´m already grateful for my decision. Nadia won´t tell you how to shoot, how to edit or how to pose, she has the mission to let you know the true you, what you love or hate, who you want to work with, etc...The course will close tomorrow, so you still have 24 hours to 'join the revolution'. You can read more details and join it here.

What we´ve learnt so far, the biggest pieces of advice from starting Deliciously Ella: well I´m a big fan of this girl. Why? Because I think she is genuine. This is the most important after all. This was not planned to share because she only posted yesterday but the moment I came across with her words I immediately knew that I wanted to share this with you. Her story is real. If you think that the success you see now is like a fairytale this is an excellent example that before this there was a long road, with doubts, insecurities, criticism and so on. When we have a business we want to inspire people and most of the time we don´t talk about our problems, but they´re still there on a regular basis. If you have some time, read her post. You´ll feel inspired and that you´re not alone on your freelancer trip.

50 things to do about yourself: Yes I´m a lists girl! I love to write lists for everything. Shopping, working, housework, holidays and so on. I found that on Pinterest and I want to challenge you to pick four things to do until the end of July and share it with me on comments! Deal? Get it here.
My choices:
- Go for a jog or walk by the beach
- Send a handwritten letter to a friend
- Listen to an album from start to finish without doing anything else
- Donate your old books and clothes to charity

I hope you loved today´s post! 

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Much love,

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