Mixed feelings


Sometimes I got stuck on my own feelings and thoughts. In fact, I have a passion for feelings. I´m a very emotional person and I spend hours and hours thinking about life. How our future is going to be. Especially mine as a photographer. If I´m doing things in the right way. But, to be true there is no right or wrong. I also think if I´m in the right place. I love my country but I have the feeling that I should try something abroad. Live with new cultures, meet different people. I´m not only talking about traveling, I want to have a real experience of living in another country. I need that feeling of adventure. Not knowing the safe side. Do you know what I mean? 
Would I be happy?
I´m so close to my family but at the same time, I´m tired of the routine. The same places, the same culture. In need of a detox. 
Feeling lost gets me tired. Yes, I try to be positive and active but there are days that I get lost in my own procrastination. 
Do you ever feel that everything takes so much work that you immediately give up? Even preparing a beautiful spot to shoot your morning coffee? Sometimes it´s just the way it is. I don´t want to do anything at all. I have so many projects on my mind and need to get organized. Like NOW.
I perfectly know who I want to be, with who I want to work. This is not enough. I must meet my ideal client with no error. I´m still working on this. I never thought how much my words could define everything, not just my photos. 
Anyone having the same issues?
I´m not a writing person. I used to be when I was a child and had a diary. I´m coming back to this slowly. Talking about my feelings let me a little bit insecure. I´m getting used to it now. 
Makes me feel better and maybe I can help someone who´s feeling the same way.  No shame about my feelings. They are what they are.

I hope you loved today´s post! 

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Much love,


  1. Sílvia,
    Adorei este post! Talvez porque me reveja nas suas palavras e nos seus "mixed feelings".
    Obrigada pela sua partilha!
    Boa semana,

  2. Olá Diana :) Muito obrigada pelo teu comentário! <3
    É sempre bom cruzarmo-nos com alguém que mesmo que não conheçamos nos entenda. Acho que estas fases de mixed feelings fazem mesmo parte do nosso crescimento enquanto seres humanos. Haverão fases melhores, mas é também preciso aceitar estas como parte do percurso. Um beijinho!


  3. This is very informative post. i loved to read this. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Interesting post. I work out almost everyday too. Really enjoyed this article too.
    Happy Marriage Life


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