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hello ladies! yesterday was my birthday and i had exam until 6pm. i had dinner with my parents, brother and mr john. tomorrow is the big party with friends! love it! but today we´re here to say welcome to another lovely guest, Havilah, behing the sweet etsy shop, Dear Machine {here}. She also has a beatiful blog {here} where she shares some pieces of her, so go and visit! Finally her stunning flickr {here},with her soft & sweet photographs!

Olá! ontem foi o meu aniversário, mas tive exame até às 18h. Depois jantei com os meus pais, irmão e com o João. Amanhã será a festa com os amigos como eu adoro! hoje estamos por aqui para receber outra querida convidada, Halivah, por trás da maravilhosa loja , Dear Machine {aqui}. Ela tem também um fantástico blog {aqui} onde partilha um pouco mais de si. Finalmente, o seu flickr {aqui}, com as suas fotos suaves mas aconchegantes, adorei!

When did your passion about photography start?

My dad has always been interested in photography and, since I love my dad, I adopted his hobby as well. My interest really peaked a few years ago when I began collecting vintage items. I thought they were so pretty and full of character and I began photographing them: I would set up a few objects so they appeared visually appealing and snap some photos. “dear machine” has developed from that little project.

What inspires you in your photography is:

I’m inspired by all of the visual arts. There are some fabulous photographers on Etsy that have inspired me quite a bit, such as Elle Moss, Lolas Room, & Abby Try Again. I also love perusing blogs based on craft, design, fashion and art.

What do you most love shooting?

Vintage objects, food, my kitties & my nephew.

Define your photography in three words.

delicate, whimsical, feminine

thank you so much Halivah, your work is simply beautiful!


  1. que bonitas fotos voy a ver. Saludos.

  2. Fotografias com detalhes muito bonitos! Gostei de conhecer!



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