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hello friends, how are you doing today? well i did an exam today and the next will be on monday, my birthday :) well today we have my dear friend Rita from CV Love! She is an amazing photographer and her work gets better and better day after day, as you can see here {her flickr} and here {her blog}.

Olá, como está a correr o vosso dia? hoje tive um exame e agora só terei na próxima segunda, que é o meu aniversário. hoje temos por aqui a minha amiga Rita do blog CV Love. A Rita é uma óptima fotógrafa, o seu trabalho melhora de dia para dia, como podem aqui {blog} ou aqui {flickr}.

When did your passion about photography start?
My passion about photography started early in my life, by influence of my parents and with them I learn that the light is the key element for photography.
Since always, photography made part of my life, everywhere I went, I took a photographic camera with me. My friends say that I am a photographic database for your lives.
Since teenager I wanted to learn more about photography, but I studied a different area and until a year ago, all the cameras I had where compact cameras. But then, I received I camera digital non compact and it where the step needed to take the hobbie of photography for something more real and to do the desired professional course of photography. And nowadays I am doing the course and learning everyday in the class and in the free time reading and experiencing
What inspires you in your photography is:
Capture moments that could be kept forever. Freeze time, from a landscape, a monument or a smile 
What do you most love shooting?
I love photographing children, because they are the more spontaneous and true models, they don’t pretend. They have unique expressions
Define your photography in three words.
Uncomplicated, funny, natural

Obrigada Rita, e espero que a loja CV Love no etsy esteja para breve! Um beijinho.


  1. Muito Obrigada! És uma querida! =DDD

    Beijocas grandes

  2. voy al flickr ahora mismo unas fotos muy bonitas.

  3. Adoro o trabalho da Rita!! É inspirador!!!

  4. LINDAAAAS!! estou simplesmente maravilhada!! As fotos são fantásticas!! AMEI ;D

  5. Excelentes fotos!


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