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De volta com as entrevistas. Desta vez com a Nina, uma fotografa verdadeiramente inspiradora. Gosta dos detalhes e do desfoque, dois pormenores que me fascinam no mundo da fotografia. 
Fico contente quando estas pessoas que eu admiro dão um feedback positivo aos meus pedidos, o que me permite partilhar com vocês as minhas inspirações!

When did your passion about photography start?
I have always loved photography but I became more serious about it a couple of years ago. Since then I have tried to make some time for it each day, to experiment and learn something new.

What inspires you in your photography is:
Inspiration may come from anything, A special moment, little things, details, flowers, warm light

What do you most love shooting?
So many things! I love to capture the magic in everyday things and moments but I also love to capture new things and places when I am travelling.

Define your photography in three words.
It's difficult for me, I try not to think too much about it and just shoot what captures my attention...Warm, soft and happy
Finally, what advice would you give for someone new in photographyland?
Try to shoot a lot, try to take your camera with you everywhere ( well, almost... ), look at a lot of photographs and experiment. And have fun.

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