white bedroom.

good morning ladies, how is your week going?  we took zig to the vet yesterday, everything is ok. he is growing up so fast, god! well today i´m sharing more pieces of my place, where i spend most of my time!

healthy way.

good evening friends, how was your day? so, summer is here and we must be healthy, you know what a i mean. today i was talking to my dear friend Rita from {cv love} about this, when i´m on exams i eat more than i´m used to. so today i have a healthy break. i think it looks good, don´t you think?

boa noite, como foi o vosso dia? o verão está aí e nós devemos manter-nos saudáveis, certo? hoje estava a falar com a minha amiga Rita do {cv love} sobre isto, a contar-lhe que sempre que estou em época de exames como mais do que aquilo a que estou habituada. por isso hoje resolvi comer um lanche mais saudável. no entanto, até tem bom aspecto, não acham?

zig :: 8 weeks

hello, how was your weekend? did you go to the beach? i stayed at home with zig, he is a little destroyer! he is growing up day after day, it´s wonderful to see!

isn´t he sweet? but he just stays like that while he´s sleeping!


hello ladies, how is your weekend going? mine is ok. well, as you probably have seen on flickr john has new friend, rocky. is a baby cat, the sweetest one! he loves being in our hands, he sleeps there :) we don´t know his real age, but we´re going to the vet to find out !

Olá, como está a correr o vosso fim-de-semana? o meu está a correr bem. como vocês provavelmente já devem ter visto no flickr o João tem um novo amigo, o rocky. é um gato bébé , o mais amoroso! adora estar enrroscado nas nossas mãos, e se deixarmos até dorme assim! não sabemos ao certo a sua idade, mas vamos ao veterinário para termos a certeza.


hello fellow friends! i hope you´re ok and maybe having fun with this big weekend! i´m still studying, i´m having exam on wednesday. i wanted to share this vintage beauty with you!

my prints ♥

hello again sweet friends. i got my own first prints, i´m so happy, they look beautiful. i chose some of them just to have an idea, but of course i´ll be back with more.


my etsy & dear machine

hello ladies! yesterday was my birthday and i had exam until 6pm. i had dinner with my parents, brother and mr john. tomorrow is the big party with friends! love it! but today we´re here to say welcome to another lovely guest, Havilah, behing the sweet etsy shop, Dear Machine {here}. She also has a beatiful blog {here} where she shares some pieces of her, so go and visit! Finally her stunning flickr {here},with her soft & sweet photographs!

Olá! ontem foi o meu aniversário, mas tive exame até às 18h. Depois jantei com os meus pais, irmão e com o João. Amanhã será a festa com os amigos como eu adoro! hoje estamos por aqui para receber outra querida convidada, Halivah, por trás da maravilhosa loja , Dear Machine {aqui}. Ela tem também um fantástico blog {aqui} onde partilha um pouco mais de si. Finalmente, o seu flickr {aqui}, com as suas fotos suaves mas aconchegantes, adorei!

When did your passion about photography start?

My dad has always been interested in photography and, since I love my dad, I adopted his hobby as well. My interest really peaked a few years ago when I began collecting vintage items. I thought they were so pretty and full of character and I began photographing them: I would set up a few objects so they appeared visually appealing and snap some photos. “dear machine” has developed from that little project.

What inspires you in your photography is:

I’m inspired by all of the visual arts. There are some fabulous photographers on Etsy that have inspired me quite a bit, such as Elle Moss, Lolas Room, & Abby Try Again. I also love perusing blogs based on craft, design, fashion and art.

What do you most love shooting?

Vintage objects, food, my kitties & my nephew.

Define your photography in three words.

delicate, whimsical, feminine

thank you so much Halivah, your work is simply beautiful!

i love cupcakes and blogs.

hello friends, how was your week? feeling good? do you have any plans for this sunny weekend? tuesday when i arrived home i just wanted to relax. guess what? i cooked, raspberries cupcakes with sweet pink cream on the top! they were delicious, and with a cup of cappuccino, it turned into a perfect moment !

Raspberry cupcakes

- 2 chávenas de farinha sem fermento/ cups of flour
- 1 c.chá de fermento/ teaspoon of baking powder
- 1 chávena de açucar amarelo/ cup of brown sugar
- ½ chávena de manteiga/ cup of butter
- ½ chávena de leite/ cup of milk
- 2 ovos/ eggs
- ½ c.chá essência de baunilha/ teaspoon vanilla essence
- 125g framboesas/ raspberries
- 200g natas/ cream
- 1c.chá açucar baunilhado/ teaspoon sugar with vanilla essence

Combine flour and baking powder in a bowl. Mix brown sugar and butter in a mixer until  you get a smooth mixture. Add the eggs, one at a time. Add the milk mixed with vanilla essence. Mix the flour mixture and brown sugar mixture. Divide among the cupcake liners and add two raspberry in each one. Bake at 190⁰C for 35 minutes or until the top is golden. mix cream with vanilla sugar until it gets smooth and put on the top of each cupcake.

Numa tigela junte  o fermento e a farinha. Misture o açucar amarelo e a manteiga numa batedeira até obter uma mistura homogénea. Junte os ovos um a um e finalmente o leite com a essência de baunilha. Misture a mistura de farinha com a de açucar até obter uma textura macia. Distribua a mistura pelas formas e leve ao forno e adicione duas framboesas a cada queque.  Leve ao forno pré-aquecido a 190 ⁰C, por 35 min. ou até douraremé. Misture as natas com o açucar até a mistura ganhar consistência e coloque to topo de cada queque.

happy thursday :: pink flowers

hello friends, i hope your day have started full of energy! do you like sweet pink flowers? i do, that´s why i´m sharing this photoshoot with you. i would describe it as simple & feminine. enjoy!

Olá, espero que o vosso dia tenha começado cheio de energia! gostam de flores cor-de-rosa? eu gosto, e é por isso que hoje vou partilhar estas fotos com vocês. se me pedissem para as descrever diria que são simples e femininas. divirtam-se!

zig & si

hello again! how was your day sweets? mine was fine. zig took some of my time, he is a real baby! yesterday i took hom to the park and he was a little scared! but he will be ok in a few weeks, i hope so!

Olá de novo, como foi o vosso dia? o meu foi normal, o Zig ocupa-me algum tempo, é um verdadeiro bebé! Ontem levei-o ao parque, estava um pouco assustado, mas com tempo vai-se habituando. espero eu!

i need.

good morning ladies! there´s a beautiful sunny day. i wish i could go to the beach! yesterday i have some free time so i edited some photos and did other funny stuff. Cv Love post was a success, well Rita there´s no doubt about you huge talent. i need to start my study time, have a sweet day :)

bom-dia! hoje está um bonito dia de sol, quem me dera ir até à praia. ontem tive algum tempo livre e, por isso, resolvi editar algumas fotos e fazer outras coisas que gosto. O post do Cv Love foi um sucesso...Rita não há qualquer dúvida do teu grande talento. bem, tenho de começar o meu estudo, tenham um óptimo dia :)

photography :: CV Love

hello friends, how are you doing today? well i did an exam today and the next will be on monday, my birthday :) well today we have my dear friend Rita from CV Love! She is an amazing photographer and her work gets better and better day after day, as you can see here {her flickr} and here {her blog}.

Olá, como está a correr o vosso dia? hoje tive um exame e agora só terei na próxima segunda, que é o meu aniversário. hoje temos por aqui a minha amiga Rita do blog CV Love. A Rita é uma óptima fotógrafa, o seu trabalho melhora de dia para dia, como podem aqui {blog} ou aqui {flickr}.

When did your passion about photography start?
My passion about photography started early in my life, by influence of my parents and with them I learn that the light is the key element for photography.
Since always, photography made part of my life, everywhere I went, I took a photographic camera with me. My friends say that I am a photographic database for your lives.
Since teenager I wanted to learn more about photography, but I studied a different area and until a year ago, all the cameras I had where compact cameras. But then, I received I camera digital non compact and it where the step needed to take the hobbie of photography for something more real and to do the desired professional course of photography. And nowadays I am doing the course and learning everyday in the class and in the free time reading and experiencing
What inspires you in your photography is:
Capture moments that could be kept forever. Freeze time, from a landscape, a monument or a smile 
What do you most love shooting?
I love photographing children, because they are the more spontaneous and true models, they don’t pretend. They have unique expressions
Define your photography in three words.
Uncomplicated, funny, natural

Obrigada Rita, e espero que a loja CV Love no etsy esteja para breve! Um beijinho.

our new baby!

hello friends! this is the surprise i have for you! i hope you like because i´m completely in love with him!

Backed chicken :: grandma´s recipe

Hello lovely friends, how was your day? mine wasn´t different from yesterday. i studied. Finally i have a new recipe to share with you! do you like backed chicken? oh i love and my grandma´s recipe is the best in the world! there´s no way, i´m not going to change my mind! well, i hope you like and it´s so easy to do!

Olá! como foi o vosso dia? o meu não foi muito diferente de ontem, estudei. Finalmente tenho uma nova receita para partilhar, gostam de frango assado? eu adoro, principalmente o da minha avó, é a melhor receita do mundo e não há nada que me convença do contrário. Espero que gostem, é simples de se fazer!

Backed chicken – grandma´s recipe

(serves 2-3)

-          1 grango pequeno/ small chicken
-          1 dente de alho/ garlic clove
-          1 c.sopa de sal/ tablespoon salt
-          2 folhas de louro/ bay leaves
-          Óleo q.b/ oil
-          2 c.sopa de vinagre/  tablespoons cider vinegar
-          ½  chávena de água/ cup of water

Preheat the oven to 220⁰C.  Mix the garlic clove with the salt with a pastle. Make small cuts on the chicken:  under the wings, in the middle of each leg and in the breast. Put the garlic lixture inside the cuts. Grease your baking tray with oil and put the chicken inside.  “Powder” with cider vinegar. Add bay leaves , some oil and water. Cook for about 40 minutes.

Pré-aqueça o forno a 220°C. Pise um dente de alho com sal no almofariz. Faça cortes no encaixe das asas, no meio das pernas e no peito. Passar a mistura de alho nas aberturas. Cobrir o tabuleiro de ir ao forno com óleo.  Colocar o frango no seu interior e polvilhar com vinagre de cidra. Juntar as folhas de louro,  a água e colocar mais um pouco de óleo, desta vez por cima do frango. Deixe cozinhar por aproximadamente 40 min. 

done. the first one.

hello ladies! how are you doing? today was the first exam, the real one! i guess i have a surprise to share with you this saturday! i´m so excited, i´ve always wanted one!

black & white

good evening sweets! oh yes, i know it is late but i´m still awake. by this time i have my own time. i can relax, see what you shared today and some inspiring photo shooting! and you? how was your day?

boa noite! eu sei já é um pouco tarde, mas só por esta altura posso ter mais tempo para relaxar, ver alguns dos vossos posts, e algumas fotografias mais inspiradoras! e o vosso dia como foi?

some differnt moments.

i wish you all a wonderful weekend.

hey sweets, i suppose you all are happy because weekend is right here! i´m posting to wish you a great weekend!

once upon a time a lovely room.

hello ladies! how was your day? here, we had another sunny day, but a little windy! i cannot feel unhappy just because i´m at home studying...i have the most beautiful light in my room, there´s no other place in our home like this...so i´m lucky girl! 

Olá! como foi o vosso dia? por aqui foi mais um dia de sol, apesar de um pouco ventoso. não posso sentir-me infeliz só porque estou fechada em casa a estudar, sabem porquê? porque tenho a luz natural mais bonita durante a maior parte do dia...não há mais nenhuma divisão na nossa casa assim, sou uma sortuda!

staying at home...

hello, how are you? having a nice a week? today was my first exam, so this means that in the next weeks i won´t have time to post regularly.i´m tired, it was a hard-working semester and we have no free time between classes and exams!

i´ll post sometimes i promised! today i just have this inspiring photograph!

olá, como estão? a semana corre-vos bem? hoje foi o meu primeiro exame, o que significa que nas próximas semanas não farei posts com tanta regularidade. ainda me sinto cansada do semestre e nem uma semana de intervalo tivemos entre o final das aulas e o início dos exames!

virei aqui algumas vezes prometo, por hoje deixo-vos com este fotografia inspiradora!

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