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Hello lovelies! I hope your week had been amazing, with a lot of focus and positive thinking! Summer time is the high season of the year for us photographers but I still make sure to have time for my little projects and I have a big one launching this month, so stay tuned! I love to work with creative people from others areas ❤ Big thanks to my sweet D. that had an amazing idea and come to get all of us together!

Let´s start our tips!

Facebook Adds: Yes, this is a very important tool for people who run online businesses. Starting a facebook add is very intuitive, you learn how to do it in less than a minute. BUT, this is not enough. We must understand how it really works and the best way to invest our money. I´ve been searching for some advice on youtube and come across with two videos that I liked. They are simple and objective. They´ll guide you to do a better and profitable add. We want real buyers and not only occasional visitors. Once more, you can be yourself doing this, nothing wrong with paying to help your business grow. You can see the videos here and here.

Focusing on your niche: Well, I started my journey a few months ago. I´ve been knowing what I most love to shoot for one or two years, but I never act on social media to communicate this. I was told to share things that would sell for sure, things that are not my focus or big passion. But, I didn´t feel ok to have this kind of obligation, like I have to post a pregnancy photo, or a baptism photo...because they would sell without any doubt. And maybe they did. I have my portfolio with a family gallery and for me, this is enough (by now). I started my business shooting families and I´ve been with them for years and I still want to be because we are already connected by their stories. But, my vision changed in the last years and I have now a different Ideal client. The one I want to work now and in the future. So I started to share what I really want to do. What I most love. Am I receiving fewer emails for pregnancy or family shoots? Yes, I am. Am I scared? I´ve been, but I´m not anymore. Things take the time to change, so I just need to be patient about this transformation until I can only work with my ideal client. And you too 😊  

Roadtrip Soundtrack: To finalize and relax a little bit, if you´re going on vacation or just want to pretend to (like me 😜 ), Collective Hub has the perfect playlist for your adventure! Check it here.

I hope you loved today´s post! 

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