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Hello lovelies! So happy with this week´s topics! I´m so excited to announce a very special project we've been working for the past months! Summer is here and we almost didn´t get it! Times flies, lots of work to do around here and the last wedding details to finish. Friday tips will be on vacation until October, hope you understand and I promise to come back with more inspiring tips! BUT, you can always travel with me in my instagram! Instagram is my favorite and I love to share my daily life and adventures there, so come along! 

BACKSTAGE: yes, this is our new baby! So proud to be part of this project!I will let you Dina´s words, she wrote the perfect description.

'Backstage will be a sharing and approach digital platform. We want to share stories, tell you about what is new, what is happening, disclose firsthand new projects, new brands, new spots. Our lifestyle it’s all about trends, creativity, design, travelling and discover all the good things from around the world. It’s really all about good feelings.

Share what inspires us, who inspires us and our motivation. Here you will have access to trendy issues, exclusive information, events, giveaways and little surprises.

We’ve joined a group of cool girls that live with passion, enjoying every moments and that love what they do – they are the main contributors. Sometimes we will have special contributors that will hang out with us for a bit and share their stories, projects and dreams.

We live in a constant adventure, we don't stop working on new things, having new ideas and thinking about new projects, and this is one of them. We want to build a tribe together, make friends and have fun!'
Please take a look on our site here

Van Life: I was reading AGLOW magazine a few days ago and I came across with a super cool couple leaving the life of their dreams!! They´re both photographers and their home is a sprinter van! How cool is this? I loved their interview and immediately started following their Instagram full of inspiring images and stories! So my suggestion for some adventurous and Summer vibes is to follow these two! And if you have the opportunity to read the magazine I´m sure you´ll love it, and this issue is free to download! (yeah!!)

7 apps to help boost your mental health: we live so obsessed with social media, phones, emails and the internet world in general that we forget to have some "me time" to relax and forget about everything that causes us stresses even for 5 minutes! I found this article in HUB Collective and I´ll be trying some apps in the near future because I really think this is a very important issue, we must disconnect for our mental health, I super agree with this. Of course, it is better to take some days off, far away from our routines, but once it is not possible on a daily basis maybe some of these apps can work and help us! Did anyone try?

I hope you loved today´s post! 

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