This has been a calm and cold winter. Maybe it would be better if I already had my own house. Sometimes I feel melancholic about my life...Yes I have two jobs, my baby love, my family & friends but it just seems something is missing. I feel like I´m stuck somewhere I don´t belong, I love my pharmacy colleagues, they´re all so kind to me and we have great moments during our days but..I don´t belong there, I´m tired and I just want to make photography my life. It hasn´t been easy, everyday I fight to have time to do everything, to plan new things and to push my business to the next level. That´s ok, I know that things aren´t just the way we want them to be, I just hope my dream comes true one day. Fortunately I´m young and I have so many more years to live and make things work, right?

We spent our Saturday afternoon walking around Belém. It was so good to discover this amazing new spot. We sat for a while and closed our eyes, it was like magic, the smell and the singing seagulls flying off to the sunset.


  1. waahhh, amazing pictures! the feeling they axpress is beautiful!
    and i feel the same way with my life sometimes, so youre not alone. i hope your dreams will come true and that one day you will find a place where you really belong (:

  2. Já conhecia tão bem a tua página e nunca tinha vindo ao teu blog! Que trabalho espectacular :')


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