Friday Tips #14


Good morning lovelies ❤ Today I´m sharing with you some of my favorite articles from the last two weeks. I think these are important topics, specially the first one. 

The Do's And Don'ts Of Navigating Unpaid Internships: What you have to take in consideration to make your decision. First you and your goals. Never forget about this and don´t feel bad if you have to say No. Read the article here.

Lisa Messenger´s Secrets for nailing Your Purpose: This is no secret that I´m a fan of this girl. I love the way she talks about life without judging. Encouraging people, no matter their past, their mistakes, their age or economic condition. There´s always a way to make things work. I read almost all of her books and never got disappointed about her words. She speaks from the hart and most important her words are genuine and true. She doesn´t care to seem perfect or have a perfect life, she embraces her path with the good and bad side, like a real and normal person. I loved this "interview" she gave, read it here.

A minha vida dava um livro: this a new instagram account I have about some of my favorite books, not just for us adults but also for kids. Yes, I still love to read these kids books and nowadays I real all of them with my nephews. So if you´re a fan of books you can join me here.

A trip to Egypt: I love to follow Lauren Bullen trips. She and her boyfriend travel the world most of the time and are a huge inspiration! But what I most love is their honest posts about their trips. Like she said, "behind a beautiful picture there´s not always a happy story". I got impressed with her last post about Egypt but in a negative way. Egypt really seems beautiful, but there are a few BUTS along the way. I found her post very interesting, maybe you´ll too, read it here

I hope you loved today´s post! 

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