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Good morning fellow friends! Today we have Yvette Inufio photographer! If you are romantic, vintage lover and feminine you will love this lady´s work! I must confess that with me it was love at first sight, specially this first one! Yvette want to share with us a little text about her & photography, but if you a are curious person or simply fall in love with her photography, visit her etsy shop here, her lovely blog here & her facebook page here.

Bom dia ! hoje temos connosco a fotógrafa Yvette Inufio. Se és romântica, apaixonada pelo estilo vintage e muito feminina vais adorar o seu trabalho! Eu devo confessar que foi amor à primeira vista, especialmente esta primeira foto. A Yvette quis partilhar um texto sobre ela & a sua fotografia, mas se forem pessoas curiosas ou se simplesmente se renderam ao seu maravilhoso trabalho visitem a sua etsy shop aqui, o seu fantástico blog aqui & o seu facebook aqui.

With the help of my camera, any tiny detail turns into an enormous wonder.

Thanks to "her", I can express feelings and color my life.

I enjoy discovering things, looking into forbidden places, into those mysterious corners not all deign to look: they are not interested. Those tiny spaces do not even exist for many people, but they do for me.

I stop to look at the trail left by the ants, I feed the doves while butterflies sing songs in my ears, my cats and I tell each other secrets and try to decode the hidden messages drawn by the clouds.

Inside me, there is a world, outside me, another.

They are both different, they both have mysteries.

As many mysteries as stars are in the sky.

Define your photography in three words: Sweet, Dreamy and Feminine

"I definitely think there are two kinds of people: those who walk in a hurry through life and those who stop and notice every detail on the way."

thank you Yvette & keep on with your wonderful work!

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