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good morning sweets! here we are one more time! miss Jackie Rueda is with us today. Jackie´s photography is just amazing, it´s like a mix of feelings! one hand is dreamy, soft pink, reflects the confort of home, but on the other hand you can see the  outdoors reality.

bom-dia! aqui estamos mais uma vez, hoje temos connosco miss Jackie Rueda! a fotografia de Jackie é simplesmente maravilhosa, como uma mistura de sentimentos e sensaçõ por um lado reflecte o mundo dos sonhos, com o cor-de-rosa bebé e tudo o que nos remete para o conforto das nossas casas, por outro deixa-nos ver a realidade do mundo cá fora.

When did your passion about photography start?

I don't really know, I can't remember. It is one of those things that you're born with. Pictures have always been fascinating to me. Inside people's homes, on magazines, in stores, in private albums...

What inspires you in your photography is:

Light, love, my daughters, Montreal's seasons, simple and small things in life, my city's urban life...

What do you most love shooting?

I love the entire process: imagining the picture, preparing it or looking for it, taking it and editing it until it is finished. It never turns out the way I imagined it at first. It is always a surprise.

Define your photography in three words.

Happy, warm and feminine.

if you want to see more about Jackie you can visit her blog here, her etsy shop here, and her flickr here.
se querem saber mais sobre o trabalho de Jackie podem visitar o seu blog aqui, a sua etsy shop aqui e o seu flickr aqui.
thank you Jackie, i feel honored having you here!


  1. Jackie's photography it's so lovely! I love the colors and shapes. Xoxo ♥

    Rocio R.

  2. Linda demais essa sua postagem. Parabéns! Adorei.


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