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good morning ladies! how was you weekend? i´m sorry etsy edition is late but i had my dad´s birthday on saturday and it was impossible to post! well, we have another lovely lady behind these amazing photos! see what she wants to share with us, and visit her etsy shop here and her website here, you will find yourself lost in so many wonderful moments!

bom dia! como foi o vosso fim-de-semana? desculpem o atraso nesta etsy edition, mas sábado o meu pai fez anos e foi praticamente impossível fazer o post! temos connosco outra artista fabulosa! vejam o que ela quis partilhar e visitem a sua loja aqui e o seu website aqui, vão perder-se no meio de tantos momentos maravilhosos!

When did your passion about photography start?

I’ve always loved taking and looking at pictures ever since I was a young girl, but it wasn’t until I became a mother that my passion really ignited.  When my daughter was born, I wanted to capture all those important (and unimportant) moments, all the details.  But I wasn’t happy with the pictures I was getting.  So I started reading everything I could about photography, surrounded myself with other friends obsessed with photography, and put my camera in manual mode.  That’s when things started clicking.

What inspires you in your photography is:

I love the details, the things you’d miss if you didn’t stop to notice:  from the everyday moments when your kid has jelly smeared on his face and is missing a shoe, to the way drops of rain reflect your surroundings back to you.

What do you most love shooting?

I love my personal photos of my children, of course.  And flowers have been a longtime favorite.  But lately I’ve been looking for inspiration in the most ordinary objects.

Define your photography in three words.

Fresh, pretty, dreamy.

 thank you so much!


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