summer is on the way...


good morning! i´m finishing my breakfast and after this i have some stuff to do...but i´m so happy about some summer sights that i must share this with you. i have so many ideas in my mind for this summer but i guess i won´t have so much free time as i would need. never mind i´ll try to do my best! well, next month i want to buy this sweet collection by Jackie Rueda and the adorable Decorate written by Holly Becker. if i could i would buy every single photo of Jackie, her photography seems perfect to me! and you? tell me about your wish list!

bom dia! estou só a acabar o meu pequeno-almoço e de seguida o estudo espera me...mas estou tão contente do verão estar aí a chegar que antes de ir passei por aqui para partilhar isto com vocês. tenho tantas ideias na minha cabeça para este verão, mas acho que não vou ter tanto tempo livre quanto precisaria.
no próximo mês já tenho algumas coisinhas que quero comprar, nomeadamente esta colecção adorável de Jackie Rueda e o tão esperado Decorate escrito por Holly Becker. se eu pudesse compraria todas as fotos de Jackie, a sua forma de fotografar parece-me perfeita!


  1. Right now I'm wishing for summer and sunshine! Your blog is very pretty :)

  2. My wishes list is very similar yours. I live in Turkey and it is difficult to find some decorations books. Next week I'll go to London and I want to buy Holly Becker's book.

  3. OH thanks for sharing these delicious photos....and they're so bright and big! I am your newest follower...and I would like to invite you on over to visit with me too. Enjoy the rest of your's sunny out here I really should get off my laptop!

    ciao bella



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