my etsy & lovely places turned into vintage tones by Laura Evans

Hello, how are you feeling sweet friends? here we are, this time with miss Laura Evans, a wonderful photographer...her way of shooting, as she said, is unique! and she is really good writer too, i always love her posts...she writes about so many different issues, but everytime i read them i stay thoughtful. so if you want to know a little bit more about her world and her talent you can visit her blog here, her etsy shop here & here.

olá! como estão? aqui estamos nós, desta vez com a miss Laura Evans, uma fotógrafa uma forma de fotografar única, como ela própria diz! é também uma excelente escritora, adoro sempre os seus posts, escreve sempre assuntos tão diferentes, mas no final deixa-me sempre pensativa. por isso, se quiserem saber um pouco mais sobre o seu mundo e talento visitem o seu blog aqui, a sua etsy shop aqui & aqui.

When did your passion about photography start?

i guess when i was 17 though i've always loved art ... i started taking photos & whilst i've done other things along the way i've always come back to it. Now it's the only thing i want to do!

What inspires you in your photography is:

i'm inspired by everything that's going on around me ... people & places, random objects, nature & the things we see every day.

What do you most love shooting?

i go through phases ... the seasons change & i love the new life that's forming around me, sometimes i'll go through a macro phase or i'll be inspired by random objects around my home. I'm really not sure i have a favourite though when my son arrives i may just change my mind on that one!

Define your photography in three words.

eclectic, unique, me
 thank you so much Laura!


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