food diary {day 1} & mix salad recipe


Tomorrow it´s holiday for us! well, as i said yesterday, today i´m starting my food diary & i have a recipe too! i hope you enjoy this new project because i´m excited!

so, what do you think? am I eating too much?
well,today i´m sharing my mix salad recipe, good flavors in a healthy way.

Mix salad
(serves 1)

- ½ tomate/tomato
- alface/ lettuce
- ½ maçã/ apple
- 1 ovo/ egg
- ½ lata de atum/ can of tuna

Molho: azeite, vinagre, mostarda dijon, oregãos
Dressing: olive oil, vinegar, dijon mustard, oregano

Cut all ingredients into small pieces and mix everything.
Corte todos os ingredientes em pedaços pequenos e misture.

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  1. O primeiro dia está óptimo! A saladinha tem cá um bom aspecto! =D


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