No Quiosque do Refresco com o {Pano p´ra Mangas}


Foi no Quiosque do Refresco, no Largo Camões, que fui até ao encontro da Margarida. Esperava-me uma capa de ipad para o meu inexistente ipad e uma agradável conversa. Afinal quem não conhece o Pano p´ra mangas?

Tudo começou com uma troca de mails, quando decidi encomendar à Margarida uma capa de ipad em tons pastel, e o resultado saiu ainda melhor do que eu esperava. Cada detalhe reflecte a genuína dedicação com que executam cada peça. Vê-se que é por gosto. 

Pelo caminho, fiz ainda uma entrevista,espero que gostem!

When did your passion about “patchland” start?
I had never thought I could do it until one afternoon I went to a friend’s house with a couple of fabrics and my sewing machine and she taught me some basic blocks. Since them I’ve been improving my skills and I always try to make it better. I’ve always liked new challenges and every quilt I make is like a new goal I want to achieve.

Why the name ‘pano p’ra mangas’?
This name is a result of a brainstorming week. When we decided to start this blog, back in 2005, we weren’t sure how to call it. We had several lists of possible names but none fitted properly as one day we were working with glass and the next day we could be painting silk. So, one afternoon, through the middle of a conversation the sentence “Mas o que nós fazemos dá pano p’ra mangas!” came up and suddenly we had found the right name for our blog! It was a sort of a “eureka” moment J

What do you most love doing in your “patchland”?
No doubt that it is choosing the fabrics and putting all them together. I also like to look at the final product – I always think that it wasn’t made by me.

What inspires you?
This is a difficult question to answer. The inspiration can come from anything around us: a simple sentence, a colour combination, a pattern, a magazine or a book, people and things we spot on the streets. Anything, really!

Have you ever thought about writing a book?
Well, the answer is yes! We just don’t know what about. The only thing we are sure about it is that I’ll write it and Vânia will illustrate it.

Obrigada Margarida e Vânia!

nota: as peças estão disponíveis para venda no blog do pano p´ra mangas, basta contactarem através do email!

fotografias: 1- raspberry essence photography; 2,3,4- Pano p´ra Mangas

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  1. Excelente entrevista!
    I follow these sisters for a long while now, and I can tell you that they do create unique items, and they are great bloggers friends!


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